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bhutan hollywoodFrom Prince Chalres to Richard Gere to Keanu Reeves to Brad Pitt, the country of Bhutan has become the ‘hot spot’ on the global scene. What makes this destination so appealing? Let’s see: Internet and cable only arrived in 2002, there are no traffic lights or swimming pools, morning rush hour is jammed with yaks and mules, no brand names stores are allowed (the government has decreed a national dress!) and the whole state is a no-smoking zone. Oh yea, and 72% of it is covered in gorgeous forest. From the article,

“‘Bhutan is a bio-diversity, eco and cultural hotspot. Visitors come for its raw, natural beauty that range from sub-tropical jungles to dramatically rise up to the great northern glaciers, ideal for treks and drives. The country has 72 per cent forest cover, it is home to exotic wildlife. Our festivals are a big draw too, dances and chants that bless onlookers and exorcise evil, so are the hundreds of monasteries and chanting kid-monks.’’

Brad Pitt even plants trees there to conserve Bhutan’s forests. Apparently, there is a UK firm that offers to offset a star’s carbon emissions by planting trees around the world. Brad took it a step further and specified Bhutan as the place he would like to see remain pristine.

However, don’t go booking that flight just yet. The government has mandated a $200-a night spending compulsory. Hence, one of the reasons why Bhutan only received 14,000 tourists a year. Start saving..
Link: JLo to Brad, Keanu to Cameron, Hollywood to Bhutan

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  • debbie

    A lot of high profile guests choose this beautiful destination as an aco hideaway for reasons in the article. Television arrived only recently so the recognition factor is low. In addition to being green, Buddhism permeates the culture so dogs, animals, insects, every living thing takes new meaning…Tiger’s Nest is among the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimages one can accomplish…it’s an awesome kingdom doing tourism right.
    Amankora, the newest property including 4 lodges located throughout the Kingdom, has a strong environmental policy that emphasizes total respect for nature. Only organic herbs and fresh vegetables are used so guests are free from any trace of presticides or chemical pollutants.