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Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, OprahNeed a juicy gossip fix? Remember how we told you about Oprah’s school for girls in Africa? Well, apparently Oprah asked Angelina Jolie to join in the campaign only to receive a big fat N-O. The Bosh gives us all of the details:

“Oprah thought Angelina would jump at the chance because she knows how much Angelina loves Africa,” a friend of Oprah tells Star

“Oprah says it’s the last time she’ll ask Angelina to help with any of her causes.” The reason for the snub? A friend of Angie tells Star, “Angelina has never forgiven Oprah for siding with Jennifer Aniston after Brad Pitt split from Jen.”

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  • Lisa Williamson

    I think you meant “FEUD”, not “Fued”

  • michael

    Thanks, Lisa. TGIF.

  • Jackie

    If Angelina really cared about the cause she’d suck it up. She’s letting her own selfish pride get in the way of potentially helping thousands of people.

  • tod brilliant

    You think so, Jackie? I don’t know any of these people, other than that they are fellow celebrities, so I can relate to some of the pressures. . .yet. . .I REALLY care about a lot of issues, but I don’t get involved with each and every one. We have to pick where we can be effective. Jolie works like mad to support various causes in Africa – because she isn’t working on this one doesn’t mean she is going to be working on one LESS cause or helping any fewer people. You understand . . . it’s more a matter of being effective with your time and energy. I doubt anyone could be that effective working with someone with whom you don’t share a supportive bond.

  • jcgreen

    This story seems a bit fake. Oprah is opening one girl’s school. She should be famous enough to do that on her own without need Angelina’s help. I think this story started in Star and it seems more likely to be another attempt to split the word in to Team Jolie and Team Aniston than gospel truth.

  • Joliefan

    It’s all nonsense!

  • http://Ecorazzi Mac

    Angie has done far more, and is half Oprah’s age. Angie and brad are the best looking couple in Hollywood, they are the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall of our time.To bad about Jen its’s over grow up already Angie and Brad are together SIX children and o so hot movies they made together doesn’t sink in, o well.Here’s to Mr.and Mrs.Smith (The real Mr. and Mrs.Pitt) keep them green with envy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • megan

    AlrightMaybe jen is over it and shes just saying the facts that angie is a mayjor bitch for bringing up the past like jen and brad are over because of angie the least angie could do is shut her damn mouth about it like what jenn really needs a big bitch slap from angie saying we fell in love while he was with you , that would kind of hurt dont you think? & i dont care if they are the hottest couple in hollywood doesnt excuse her from being a bitch