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U.S. Billionaire To Turn James Island Into Eco-Sanctuary

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snipshot_197341lhmo.jpgSeattle billionaire Craig McCaw sold his cellular company to AT&T in 1994 for $11.5 billion. I haven’t heard of him since my circle of peoples are those $12 billion and above. However, I might be willing to make an exception after learning of his plans to take the derelict James Island and turn it into an eco-sanctuary. From the article,

“There wasn’t anything here when we arrived,” says Mr. Trott. “Nothing but a bunch of contaminated soil and about 1,200 miserable-looking deer that had eaten just about every bit of grass there was. Eventually changed all that.”

“His plan is quite impressive. There will be no gasoline-powered vehicles on James Island. There’s already a small fleet of electric-powered cars; the Hummer, apparently, will have to go. No pesticides will be used on James Island; an organic garden has already sprouted on its southern slopes, where a farm once stood. Power lines are to be buried underground.”

The original plan from the previous developer called for a cookie-cutter suburban lifestyle: 210 houses, an 18-hole golf course, swimming pools and wide, paved streets. was even going to design the course. If the island has to absolutely be developed, this looks about the best bet. Plus, McCaw is going to set aside 20% of the island as a nature conservancy to protect its most sensitive areas.

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