by Michael dEstries
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croc.jpgThere has been strong sentiment in the U.S. and worldwide over the loss of the conservationist and TV star, Steve Irwin. There was simply something so likeable about the guy and his personality on air. We all know he risked a lot in bringing education–and danger–to the screen (for a somewhat morbid intro, take a look at his official Discovery Channel site…)

Fellow Australian, actor Russell Crowe described Irwin as the “ultimate wildlife warrior”. He added: “He was the Australian we all aspire to. He touched my heart.”

Our thoughts go out to his family. What a sad and apparently random accident. What are your thoughts on his passing?

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  • tod brilliant

    Sadness. Sad sad sad. Mostly, I suppose, I tear up thinking about his three year-old son who he leaves behind (and other family members). Of course, that’s because I have a three year-old son! Irwin, say what you will about his brashness, lived a life that, in my eyes, helped the world more than it harmed. That’s pretty damned rare and we’re poorer without him.

  • michael

    I agree, Tod. So sad. It’s actually an amazing thing to see so many news orgs leading with the story of his life, his legacy, his family, etc. He will truly be missed, but his devotion to bringing animal awareness into the spotlight will carry on through others.