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Germaine GreerGermaine Greer is widely regarded as one of the strongest feminine voices of the 20th century. She is no stranger to controversy, and today is no exception. She’s known for bashing Steve Irwin, in an attempt to establish herself as a female equivalent.

Five years ago, she purchased part of a Queensland rainforest and abandoned dairy farm, hoping to revitalize the land.  Recently, a former employee of hers questioned her motives, saying:

“You look at these celebrities all around the world, Bono and those blokes, and they’re all on about the environment.

“I think the whole project here is a lot more about her than it is about the environment.”

This came from Mr. Nicholson, who had been fired various times by Greer, seemingly not an uncommon occurrence. After Greer returned from the Big Brother house she gathered all of her employees together and decided one of them had to go. It was put to a vote, Big Brother style, and Mr. Nicholson was kicked ‘out of the house’, so to speak.

Readers: Does it matter a person’s intentions for doing something green or humanitarian? Or is it good that they do it, no matter the reason?

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  • Michael

    This is an example of a peron who loves to be nasty to gain attention. She is a sad individual that looks to gain nothing but the spotlight from her remarks and actions. Sadly, we live in a world where good people like Irwin are robbed of life while people like this keep wasting breath and contributing nothing.

  • fjl

    Germaine has ruined herself by atention seeking on this occasion. People are alot more independant than they were in her day, and get up and say it when the press haven’t done a proper job or when e.g Germaine is mistaken. However, green projects are not an option if people would just appreciate it; they’re a response to a state of emergency. I appreciate even Germaine’s help personally, though I can’t bear the woman. Save evey acre you can.

  • Chip

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