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Angelina JolieAngelina JolieCelebitchy took note of some Brad & Angelina photos, stating:

They are said to be going to visit Angelina’s ailing mother at the Ermitage hotel in Beverly Hills. No word as to why they’re travelling separately, but if Angelina is driving a Range Rover by herself you can bet that the environment is not one of her pet causes.

Not carpooling, and using an SUV that gets 13 MPG in the city…maybe not the best way for Brad to kick start his new “green” look.

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  • tod brilliant

    DOH! Looks like she’s going to have to do some explaining or I’m going to have to cross her off my list of eco-celebrity idols.

  • tod brilliant

    Please don’t think, however, that you’re going to catch me driving some ugly, unsafe Prius around town, just because it gets substantially less MPG than a 1988 Geo Metro, and looks ten times worse. And, Brad was rididng a moto, trumping any hybrid.

  • tod brilliant

    Okay, to be fair I’m just trying to bait some Prius drivers to get a little “razz” going in the Ecorazzi pages. . . someone, please take the bait.

  • rebecca

    poor tod! No one is taking the bait so far! Slow Friday afternoon, I guess! The Green Room took a “green” shot at Paris Hilton’s DIU today also – the car she was driving gets less than 15 mpg:

  • rebecca

    Looks like Brad has already apologized for the purchase of a Range Rover, in a recent Washington Post article:
    “Pitt owns two Priuses, though he says he spends more time on a bike. He apologizes for a gas-guzzling Range Rover acquired “for the kids,” and says he’s looking for an alternative vehicle. He’s excited about hydrogen fuel cells and admires fellow actor George Clooney for owning an electric car.”

    I guess the idea is though, if you have two Priuses, maybe Angie should have been driving that all by herself?