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The Independent, (RED) EditionRemember the joke? What’s black and white and red all over? The real answer was the newspaper…but then we kids would make up random, and now seemingly gross answers like “an inside-out zebra”.

Well, that saying comes to mind today, when (RED) took over The Independent. (RED) is Bono’s AIDS campaign that I had never heard about until a week ago, and since then, I have seen big news about it almost daily.

First of all, your best bet would be to stop reading this post and go check out The Independent. It will only be up for the day, I imagine.

Still here? Okay, I’ll give you some highlights. Giorgio Armani is the guest editor. Half of the day’s revenues will be donated to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Featuring interviews and content from George Clooney, Ashley Judd, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, and more…it is an incredible feature. There’s even a free Kate Moss poster in there. Order your copy and all revenue from online sales will be donated to help fight Aids in Africa.

Quotes from the special edition:

Giorgio Armani on (RED): “Surely if there is one thing we should all be able to agree upon, whatever our faith or race, it seems to me we have an obligation to protect the age of innocence for the world’s children, today, and for all our tomorrows.”

George Clooney on Darfur: “I’m not a journalist, but I can give others the opportunity to do their job as journalists. Often, that’s what they want to do, more than anything. But editors have a tough time selling space for stories like that – unless a celebrity becomes involved. This seemed like a good place to spend the celebrity credit I’d been racking up all spring campaigning for my Oscar. It was a good way to cleanse that.”

Ashley Judd on AIDS: “On a café patio I met with Annie: a tiny, lovely looking woman, terribly frail and missing some teeth but quick to smile and giggle. She explained that she has a message for her people and it is to be wise. Aids is here, and it is not something made up as a reason to spend money – which is one of the rumours here. It will infect and kill you if you don’t protect yourself.”

Finally, an excerpt of the George Clooney interview, which sums up what is all about:

Essentially, what Clooney has done is to use his celebrity, not to mention his considerable personal charm, wit and intelligence, as a weapon to further all sorts of causes bigger than himself.

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