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Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor and former Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is slowly turning greener. With that comes some sacrifice. He has decided to give up his personal fleet of Hummers.

Arnold was the first person to own a Hummer for private use, back in 1992. He called it, “an incredibly precise and forceful machine.” He built up his fleet to at least 8 Hummers in all.

A couple of years ago when he was on the campaign trail, he committed to convert one of his diesel Hummers to run on hydrogen. In the end, GM made one for him.

From the StarPulse post:

But Hummers emit three times more carbon dioxide than a regular car – and after the State of California announced it was suing carmakers Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Chrysler and General Motors over greenhouse gas emissions, Schwarzenegger felt it was prudent to make the change.

Al Gore has confirmed, “Arnie has given up his Hummers.”

More info: CA sues automakers

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  • Green City Monkey

    I think this is great news. I think that stars like Arnold have done a lot to promote the idea that the “good life” includes a giant SUV. His giving them up is an important symbolic act. It makes me respect him more. Sort of feel like watching a episode of Terminator to celebrate. Wonder if there is a copy check in at the library….

  • Kevin Grandia

    It seems it might be just wishful thinking:

    But let’s hope it’s true!

  • Lynn

    Well, it’s nice to see that he’s making some changes as well. It’s interesting how California’s been quite active in climate issues lately.

  • rebecca

    Kevin, interesting find…sorry to hear about that.

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  • Larry

    WHO CARES! Arny baby only wants to look good in a bankrupt liberal state, that can’t even get out of their liberal policy hole (wow liberalism really works!) If you libs are using California as an example of how much the “green” girly men are doing, look again, it is not working dorks.

    I have gone green too, I spend a ton of hard GREEN CASH on my Hummer H2 for gas every week (about $200+ weekly) and it is none of your liberal looser business either. Save the planet, okay, let us start with throwing away all the Liberal big mouths that in the end are only a bunch of hypocrites ( Al Bore and his private jets, ect…) who talk the talk but never walk the walk they preach. So enjoy your tiny, sucky, uncomfortable, little, worthless, ugly, boring Toyota Priuses, I will stick with my massive $100,000 customized H2 thank you!