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Martha Stewart with Simran SethiAt Sustainable Sean’s request, we’ll live blog today’s green edition of Martha. This post will be updated, so keep checking back!

Mr. T is going to be on, and I just heard Martha say, “I pity the fool!” It’s going to be an interesting hour. Martha announces that she will be on the cover of Life magazine this week.

This is also a chocolate episode…learning all about yummy chocolate from the bald chef! “Crispy, crunchy, small chocolate waffle balls.” Hmm…South Park is still on my brain. Chocolate pizza for everyone in the audience. (Regular pizza crust with pieces of white & dark chocolate, caramelized nuts, marshmellows, and banana slices. Stick it in the oven ~10 min.)

Mr. T has stopped wearing all of his gold chains because the people of Katrina lost everything. He is promoting his new reality show “I Pity the Fool” where he motivates procrastinators and revs up slackers. He’s making spaghetti carbonara and is very nervous with the “domestic diva”.

Ummm…Martha just recommended that we leave the cold water running as we strain pasta from the hot water…to keep the steam down. But meanwhile, the water is just running down the drain.

Watching Martha Stewart and Mr. T trying to have a conversation is almost painful.

Martha just did a piece that was basically a mini-infomercial for Easy Glides, which I’m having issues finding online.

Now, the maker of brightlights-littlecity is on showing how to make lamps from cocktail umbrellas. Which, really is using all new materials. Not a green project.

I’m pretty disappointed so far. I really thought that Going Green Week would be more of an all encompassing show focus. So far they haven’t even mentioned the fact that it is “green” week, or that they will have anyone on discussing the topic.

There we go…11:36am…first mention of green. “When we come back, Martha shows us that going green can be as simple as changing a light bulb.” (Showing CFL bulbs.) Looks like when Simran comes on, she’ll discuss ecofriendly products for your home.

11:42am…okay, the next segment is the one!

Simran Sethi of TreehuggerTV is on Martha! Resalvaging, redesigning, re-envisioning…the new 3 Rs. Interface carpet tiles (aka: FLOR)…eliminates the issue of wall-to-wall carpeting…if you need to replace a piece…just replace the tile, not the entire wall-to-wall.

Chair & table, completely eco-friendly. Anthony Cochran Q Collection.

Cork flooring, made from cork stoppers from wine bottles. Thermal and sound insulator.

Bamboo…actually a grass. Fast growing. Widest used building materials in the world. Some species grow up to 3 feet a day! High quality bamboo runs around the same price as a low quality oak. Bamboo clothing. Baby clothes! Cute. Absorbent, soft. Washes well. We’ll see more and more of it.

Adrian Grenier & his recycled denim insulationRecycled demin insulation…just like Adrian Grenier!

Recycled glass tiles. Time is up! Everyone in the audience is receiving a bamboo tank from Bamboosa.

Tip #13, switch to Energy Star and replace incadescent (regular) lightbulbs with CFL light bulbs. Save ~$56 over the live of the bulb. Last 8-10 times longer than regular bulbs. GE is giving everyone in the audience a package of 2 CFLs.

Show’s over! If you want more green Martha blogging this week, please request it in the comments section.

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  • Sustainable Sean

    OMG…this play by play was awesome. And halarious! Many, many thinks for doing it. Would love to hear about the others but please don’t feel you have to, it’s just good to know that there is some real green going on. Saw The Rock on Martha once…also very fun to watch.

  • michael

    Nice Job, Rebecca! Is Simran really that small or is Martha really that large? Looks likes this was filmed in Hobbiton….