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Live Blogging: Martha & Kermit

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Martha Stewart & Kermit the FrogI’ve been watching today’s Martha, but I was having connection issues, so I’m a little late. Kermit is just about to come on and answer green questions from kids.

Oops, first it’s a guy talking about being green in your garden. It’s Craig Tufts of National Wildlife Federation. He says for weed control use corn meal gluten (or corn gluten meal?). Use copper strips as slug repelant. It actuall would “shock” the slugs…some sort of reaction of copper mixed with slug slime. Spray plants with insecticidal soap for mites & aphids. Build a bat house and the bats will eat your mosquitos. Cool! These were tips 14-18.

Kermit the Frog is on! “If the environment goes away…well, the people will go away, the environment will stay.” “You can turn off the water while you brush your teeth.” “Use both sides of paper when you draw, then recycle that paper.” “Turn off the lights and the TV when you leave the room.” Okay, now the kids (a brownie troop) are going to ask Kermit some eco-questions.

Kid 1: “Kermit, is …” (and then she forgot…)

Kid 2: “Kermit, where do you live?”

Kermit: “I live in the swamp. Do you know what a swamp is?”

Kid 3: “Kermit, do you have friends?”

Kermit: “I do, I have a couple thousand brothers and sisters.”

Kid 4: “Kermit, do you have and brothers and sisters that live in the swamp with you?”

Kermit: “I do, you know there are so many of us it takes us 3 weeks to hang up our coats for Christmas.”

Kid 5: “Kermit, how do you clean your swamp?”

Kermit: “We need to take care of where we live. You humans affect my swamp. We don’t want those fertilizers…like you were talking about earlier.”

Okay, that was hilarious. I think Martha was a little upset the kids didn’t stay on topic, but they were pretty young. Now Kermit is signing It’s Not Easy Being Green.

Earlier on the show Martin Short was with Martha and was pretty entertaining.

Martha asks how Miss Piggy is. Kermit says that she’s in New York, but they’re not together. Any other things about going green for the kids? Kermit says that kids, 30 years ago there were no cell phones, laptops like there is now. And now you buy one and the next week it’s obselete. So, just remember what’s important. And buy a cell phone so you can tell your friends about it.

Ummm….Kermie, I’m not sure kids know what obselete is.

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