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Laurie DavidToday’s Martha Stewart: I didn’t know that Laurie David was the producer of An Inconvenient Truth! Where have I been?

Pumpkin season is going to be horrible because of flooding and other “global warming” related pumpkins. Last year: 70 tons of pumpkins. This year: 12 tons of pumpkins.

Martha saw the film twice. Laurie: exciting thing about this issue is that we can do something about it.

Things you can do to help the environment. Kids in school: we need to start a “no idle” rule…don’t idle the car when waiting to pick up the kids from school. (Amen!) Bring your own garment bag to the dry cleaner to avoid all of the plastic bags. (This is a new one for me, but I haven’t been to the cleaners in looonng time.)
Laurie: This is about change not sacrifice.

Martha says something to the effect of a hybrid car running on ethanol. This goes to show that Martha is just as confused as the general public on all of these new car options. Coffee shops…bring your own mug! Stop buying paper napkins. Only buy post-consumer paper napkins. (Ecorazzi Tip: Use cloth napkins, feel fancy and wash when necessary!)

Q&A. Adults today! Answers summarized.

Q: Why are so many people reluctant to believe in global warming?

A: So much misinformation.

Q: Is Larry David as neurotic as he is on the show?

A: Great question. The show is like his dream life.

Q: Advice to someone who just graduated college and wants to make a difference in green business?

A: This is the biggest business revolution…it will be a green, clean revolution.

Q: Is Cheryl Hines character based on you, Laurie?

A: She is an environmentalist, but she’s also a blonde.

Q: What is Al Gore like to work with?

A: He’s really funny. He’s passionate and an inspiration.

Final tip for the series: Become a global warming activist. Go to Read the book, The Solution Is You by Laurie David.

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