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Scarlett JohanssonIn what I think is a great example to set for everyone, Scarlett Johansson tells Allure that she is tested for STDs on a regular basis:

“I get tested for HIV twice a year. … One has to be socially aware,” she says. “It’s part of being a decent human, to be tested for STDs. It’s just disgusting behavior when people don’t. It’s so irresponsible.”

I’m sure there are lots of jokes here, but I’m not going to bite today. Contrary to popular belief, ignorance does not make everything okay. In this instance, I say, follow in Scarlett’s footsteps and get tested every six months as well.

Yahoo! News via The Superficial

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  • beckysoup61

    Even if neither you or your spouse has had sex anywhere else but with each other? :)

    Besides, I don’t think we have a place, other then the doctors to get checked out where I am. :)

  • slt

    It’s not a joke. And it’s unneccessary to make excuses on why you “don’t have a place” to get tested. The doctor’s office counts. And it’s important to encourage people to get tested, creating a routine, and establishing a mind-set that is geared towards being responsible for your own health (as well as your impact on your sexual partner’s).

    Besides, who ever said that just because you’re married you can’t get a STD? That legal piece of paper doesn’t protect you from much.

  • rebecca

    There are a couple of good ways to do this, and if you are married, it would be good if you both took the test, at least once. You can find a health clinic that may do the test for free, or you can ask your doctor to run a test next time you are in the office. Additionally, by donating blood to the local blood bank, they will test your blood with each donation, and let you know if there is an issue. At least, that’s the way it works where I come from!

  • beckysoup61

    I wasn’t joking. Neither my husband nor me had premarital sex.

    I’ll get them down as soon as possible, but in this town *Rexburg*, it’s Mormondom. I don’t know if I’ll find a doctor that can do it.