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Roseanne BarrHere’s a name I haven’t heard in a while: Roseanne Barr. And wow, she looks great! Here’s the news: She’s working with ACORN & AFL-CIO on a project called Seven Days at Minimum Wage. It’s part of campaign to get minimum wage increases passed in six states: Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Ohio. It’s currently $5.15 an hour and hasn’t been raised in 10 years.

These organizations are sponsoring seven days of video blogging on YouTube, beginning Otober 23, for minimum wage workers in six states to personally tell their stories of income-based hardship. Roseanne Barr is the host; talk about pairing the right person with the right cause. There couldn’t have been a better fit.

Here’s a description of the vlog from the release:

7 Days @ Minimum Wage is like YouTube’s Lonely Girl 15 meets T.V.’s “30 Days” for the minimum wage movement. The video blog features new interviews every day for seven days with low wage workers, who share their stories of what life is like on the federal minimum wage of $5.15 an hour.

They are also encouraging bloggers to post their own reactions, comments, and videos of minimum wage stories in their hometown. And of course, voters can make a real difference on election day in November. Don’t forget to check out Seven Days at Minimum Wage on October 23.

Thanks for the tip, Mike.

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  • beckysoup61

    Idaho is another state where minimum wage is at $5.15. I worked at a thrift store for that much, without breaks for about 2 months last year.

    I quite because the wages weren’t enough to support my family and they gave no breaks.


  • Mike Doyle

    I’ve actually filmed a couple of the potential videos and it’s amazing. You hear stories you don’t expect–I found myself both times facing people who broke down in front of the camera, just lost it totally unexpectedly, when they started to think and talk about the their lives and the effect that $5.15 an hour has on them and their families. This is just not a partisan issue, it’s a human issue. I really give props to ACORN and AFLCIO for getting behind the project.

  • Mike Doyle

    Thanks again for covering 7 Days at Minimum Wage. With Election Day finally upon us, I wanted to let you know what the project team is up to in support of the six minimum-wage ballot initiatives in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Ohio.

    I won’t kitchen-sink you with all the details–you can browse the 7 DAYS project website for that, at . But if you do click through, you’ll find information about phone banks, door-knocks, prayer vigils, canvassing, election observations, and watch parties sponsored by ACORN and AFL-CIO throughout the six key states. (You can also find a lot of this last-minute info on ACORN’s and AFL-CIO’s ).

    It’s obvious why these increases are important: an hour of human labor should cost more than a Starbucks venti latte. That the federal government thinks it’s ok to pay you or me or anyone else $5.15 an hour is positively obnoxious–and most of those hours are below full-time and without health insurance.

    I know I’m angry about that, and sad for the way the people we interviewed are forced to live because the law says it’s ok to keep them earning below the poverty line. I know how deeply that fact affected me through my work on 7 DAYS. If the project touched just one other person out there to go to the polls and help raise their local minimum wage, then I know we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.

    Please remember the folks we interviewed when you consider your state’s or your city’s minimum wage…or the next time you tip anyone, anywhere, for that matter. Do click through and see how to support minimum-wage increases in your state. And most of all, thanks for watching. Good luck to everyone on November 7!


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