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Christy TurlingtonHere we go, Bono on The Oprah Show.

O: “I’m wearing the most important shirt of my life”

The whole audience is in INSPI(RED) shirts.

O: What is RED?

Bono: Not everyone has time to be an activist. How can we do this (w/Bobby Schriver) …We don’t want to show up on your show to ask for another check.

O: The shirts that you are wearing are part of Gap’s new RED line. 1/2 the profits go to this charity.

B: We have these drugs that are not that expensive. 2 Twin Towers a day. 8 Tsunamis a month. People are dying in Africa that don’t need to die.

O: You inspire me. You could sit back and enjoy your life, yet you have the passion to change the world.

B: This generation can be the generation that says no to poverty. They say that people in the US don’t care about the rest of the world. They are wrong. They are really wrong.

Video of Bono in Africa: And African nurse or doctor does the job of 10. Need bigger and more clinics. People are starving even in the hospital. They might be able to get the drugs, but then they don’t have any food to eat.

O: This show today is to try and get medicine to the people that need it. By buying these products you are supporting this mission.

Oprah & Bono are leaving the studio to go shopping! It’s snowing in October? The whole GAP store on Michigan Ave. has gone RED. Oprah is shopping like crazy. Oprah and Bono keep kissing…often! Now time for a GAP fashion show in store. Christy Turlington and Penelope Cruz are the first models. They plan to announce a new RED product in a few minutes.

You have to check out this GAP site. Steven Spielberg is in RED clothing. They say it is the first ad he has ever done. Also, Jennifer Garner, Christy & Penelope as mentioned above, little Dakota Fanning (soooo cute)…

Now Bono & Oprah are in the Apple store and are looking at the new little iPod nano in RED, of course. Oprah will take 10. She’s buying 10 of everything!

Kanye West is waiting for Oprah & Bono at the Motorola store…They have a RED RAZR and Bluetooth Headset. Motorola has a RED wall that you can sign if you buy a product. So, if you buy a RED RAZR, for example, about $17 goes to RED, which means when Oprah buys 10 of them, it is enough for medicine for one person for one year. At least, I think that’s what they said.

Next stop, Armani. Lots of RED shirts, shoes, glasses, watches…everything RED. Okay, off to the studio, Bono & Alicia Keys are going to sing! Alicia Keys does extensive work in Africa. She co-founded Keep a Child Alive in 2003. Soon after, Oprah gave her $250,000 for the foundation. Alicia brought along a video diary of how she spent that money. A lot of kids that look really healthy. Prior to that, there were no children being treated in that area. Alicia is wearing a shirt with “25″ on it. She is 25 years old, as is AIDS, and 25 million have died.

Looks like this is the track that she will sing in a minute with Bono. Don’t Give Up (Africa) lyrics.

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  • Summer

    Rebecca- I don’t have TV, so I love the eco live blogging you’re doing! Thanks woman!

  • rebecca

    Great! I’m glad it’s helpful! Though many greenies have decided to go sans TV, my hubby & I are kind of TV junkies. (Though I only turn it on during the day for live-blogging purposes!)

  • beckysoup61

    Defintley what summer said.

    We don’t watch TV as we get no reception, but use it for DVD’s and video games. Thanks for having this site!

  • Sustainable Sean

    Many thanks again for the play by play. You rock Rebecca!

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