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So you visit because we provide you gossip without guilt. We tell you which celebrities are doing good things for the planet…and which ones aren’t. Now you can be like these celebs as we present our very first edition of What You Can Do To Save The Earth. Today, you will learn how to “Be Green Like Leo”.

By watching this original video, you will learn more about actor & environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio – and what he wants you to do to save the earth.

Find the video on YouTube, Google Video, and Treemo. Please pass it along to your friends, embed it in your blog, and give us your comments.

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Rebecca Carter is the Co-Founder of Ecorazzi. Rebecca was recently featured in the book Hot, Rich, and Green. She is one of 70 eco-achievers featured in Glamour magazine in April 2009, named Best of Green 2010 by Miami Magazine and Best Environmentalist by Miami New Times Best of 2008. She's raising a couple of little boys in Miami and speaks English & Spanish. Find out more at Follow Rebecca on Twitter: @rebeccacarter

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  • Julia Schopick


    I was so, so delighted to discover both your blog and the video clip about Leo DiCaprio and his site.

    Watching this clip brings to mind Leo’s appearance on the Oprah show, when he and Princeton University professor Dr. Michael Oppenheimer discussed eco-friendly ways we can all make small changes in our personal purchasing habits in order to help the environment.

    A group of products notably missing from their discussion – and ones I believe would be of great interest to all eco-conscious women — are environment-friendly menstrual products.

    The truth is that disposable feminine hygiene products have disastrous effects on the environment.

    According to most estimates, the average woman uses nearly 12,000 disposable tampons and/or pads during her menstruating lifetime. And these tampons and pads – just like the 49 million disposable diapers foisted daily upon the environment – wreak havoc on our land.

    One answer: Reusable menstrual products. There are several varieties, including reusable organic cotton menstrual pads and reusable menstrual cups. For instance, The Keeper, which has been on the market since 1987, is a reusable menstrual cup which is made of natural gum rubber. With proper care, one Keeper can last up to 10 years. Now, that’s an option that’s easy on the environment AND cost-effective! The company has also recently introduced a medical-grade silicone version of The Keeper, called the Moon Cup.

    For more information about both products, please visit the manufacturer’s website, And feel free to write to me at

    Do you know of any way we can get this message to Leo DiCaprio?

    Thanks much for all your hard work. Yours is an excellent site.
    Julia Schopick
    The Keeper, Inc.

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