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Yesterday Seven Days at Minimum Wage began. To find out more, read our original post on the topic. Below is the first video of the series, hosted by Roseanne Barr.

Today’s video is also available. What do you think of the videos? I like the concept, but was expecting more from the videos. I was hoping to see an actual video diary…with videos of their lives overall: at home, at work, etc.

It’s a tough issue, and one that needs to be addressed. On November 7, if you live in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, or Ohio, you can make a difference by voting “YES” on raising the minimum wage in your state. Continue to follow the videos all week by visiting Seven Days at Minimum Wage.

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  • Mike Doyle

    Thursday night’s interview, Jessica, will be 13 minutes long. She’s the headliner, her story is really harrowing. If there’s a desire out there to see more of these people’s lives, that’s a great thing. I’ll let the rest of the project team know.

    So glad you’re still on this, Rebecca! These people really matter, and they deserve to be paid what they’re worth as human beings–not what their employers say they’re worth. A latte is worth 5 bucks, not a person.