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Oprah WinfreyOprah touched on global warming on Monday and I missed it! In the program themed, Moms Around the World, Oprah interviewed Mary Swisher, an Inupiak Eskimo from Kotzebue, Alaska. On Oprah’s website, it focuses on how Mary’s family lives two months of the year in darkness and pays $8/gallon for milk that is flown in daily. But NewsBusters says that Oprah quickly shifted the conversation to global warming, encouraging everyone to see Al Gore’s  An Inconvenient Truth, coming out on DVD November 21. I wonder if anyone made the correlation to global warming and having food flown in. Though I can’t really talk, as most food that is on our plates has travelled 1500 miles to get there.

Oprah also looked into the crisis in Darfur during this program, looking at the situations for mothers in Sudan’s Abushok Refugee Camp. In addition, there is a special page set up for education on the crisis in Darfur on

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  • Sustainable Sean

    Man I wish Oprah would latch on to this stuff. She could create such big and fast change. I’ve actually tried to talk the Oprah show into doing a whole episode on ‘sustainable style’ choices people can make. Nate could do green building, a famous chef could do organic, Bono and Ali could do sustainable fashion, add a few more celebs in there and you’ve got a great show!

  • Lisa Williamson

    I agree wholeheartedly with Sean, but it would be even better if Oprah would REALLY tell her audience what’s going on. Like the fact that within many of our lifetimes, we will have squandered all the Earth’s natural resources. But I guess that’s a lot to expect from a woman whose idea of empowerment was to give each member of her audience a brand new car.

  • Lisa Williamson

    Sorry, I forgot to mention the projected date of 2050 (for when we use up all the Earth’s resources).