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snipshot_13e75mhw47.jpgSylvester Stallone, apparently not able to land any original gigs, is walking down nostalgia lane and heading back to re-develop the films that made him famous. While Rocky VI (Rocky Balboa) is set to hit next theaters shortly, the new Rambo film (Rambo IV: In The Serpents Eye) starts shooting early next year. Unfortunately, the film is filming in the forests of Thailand and this has officials upset at a possible re-creation of the damage blamed on DiCaprio’s filming of The Beach. From the Press Release,

“The film officials are thrilled to welcome Stallone to the country and have approved much of the filming, but still have issues with violent scenes they fear could reflect badly on tourism. They’re also determined to make sure that the new Rambo film won’t create the havoc diCaprio’s THE BEACH did in 2000, after a beach in a Thai national park was damaged during the shoot – although director Danny Boyle has always maintained filming wasn’t to blame.”

About 70 to 80 per cent of the movie will be shot in Thailand – in Bangkok and the northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai – earning Thailand about US$5 million. The director of the Thai Film Office said,

“Some scenes might be a little bit violent, so we asked them not to make it too violent because if we say that the ethnic minorities are violent, it might be inappropriate,” she said. “We did not forbid them – we just asked them to be careful.”

She also wanted the filmmakers to assure villagers and environmentalists that any bombing scenes – “in that ‘Rambo’ style” – would not harm the environment.

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