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Beyonce in furPlay Jay-Z’s new song, Lost Ones, as you are reading this post.

The song just started circling the internet last week, and included these lyrics:

I don’t think it’s meant to be, for she loves the work more than she does me And honestly at 23 I would probably love my work more than I did she So we ain’t we it’s me and her Cuz what she prefers over me is fur And that’s where we differ So I have to give her free time Even if it hurts … The time’s now for her At time she’ll mature And maybe we can be We again Like we were.

Beyonce is probably the most fur-wearing celebrity there is…with one animal controversy after another. Could it be that Hova is an animal lover and the couple has tiffs over her wardrobe?

BTW: If you watch the PETA Beyonce video, you’ll hear that Beyonce has never been on the subway! Another reason that Beyonce is on our naughty list!

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  • beckysoup61

    Never been on the metro? Even I have. :P

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  • Mariell

    Cuz what she prefers over me is WORK… Not fur;)

  • Tyaunah

    No not at all that song waz just to make money just like beyonce’s irreplacable, The love to have some suspence in their relationship thats why thet dont talk about it to have people wondering about it and so that they can start stuff and so that the can go on interviews and make the people that say this stupid stuff look like idiots!

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  • Fuckin’ Perfect Music Video

    Fuckin’ Perfect is a great single by Pink and I love how it gives a positive message to everybody in the world! I also liked Raise Your Glass, but this song is that much better. Everyone is flawless in their own unique way and that is all that really matters.