by Michael dEstries
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Are you getting sick of these celebrity/Prius sightings yet? Good, because here’s another one.

Wentworth Miller showed up at Fox’s Eco-Casino Bash last week in a blue Prius. I wish I had more for you, but that’s it. Is Toyota giving these things away? Did Fox simply provide them for people to arrive in? Once again, why isn’t the Civic Hybrid getting as much play in the Hollywood Celeb scene? Conspiracy? When do we get to see more Tesla Electric sport cars arriving on the red carpet?


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7 Responses to Wentworth Miller Caught With A Prius

  1. rebecca says:

    We’re upping the ante now, aren’t we? Hybrids are good but electric is better. And you’re right, M, since Hollywood sets the trends, let’s see some cutting edge stuff!

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  3. Technicool says:

    Well done Mr Miller, I think its great that he’s setting some sort of standard in Hollywood, rather than thos idiots driving Hummers!

  4. maya says:

    who ever wrote this ensaying thing is the dumest person alive.why do u have to care about what kind of car he drives.he is the best at what he dose so butt out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. someone says:

    leavee him alonee hes the best because hes a m8 of mine dont have to beleive me but he is so stop bullshitting :@

  6. someone says:

    i am so shut up yu fukin sillly cunt :@

  7. mee says:

    go maya !!!! lol

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