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snipshot_k1tue5gtl.jpgThe site we’re grabbing this from mentions Ed Begley Jr. as being ‘the reigning poster boy of environmental activists’. I’m not so sure about that — but the guy is definitely finding a second career in promoting the benefits of electric transportation. It’s quite interesting to see a possible second dawn for these vehicles. Many people, four years ago, thought the electric car wouldn’t return for decades to come. Now, with hybrids pushing R&D and batteries actually catching up to the 21st Century, weaning ourselves completely off oil for daily commutes is not such a radical idea.

Begley was promoting an electric truck — similar to a Subaru Baja — and had this to say,

“He touted the benefits of electric vehicles and hybrids, focusing on the economic benefits. “Forget about the environment,” he said, noting that it cost him $12 to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. “It fits my pocketbook.”

Interesting argument, and the economic feature is sadly the one feature that will make people take notice. A little about the truck,

“The Phoenix SUT is designed with a range of 100 miles and can be recharged in 10 minutes with a fast charger. Otherwise, it takes about 7 hours with a conventional outlet. Top speed in the 3,800-pound truck is 95 mph. The GVWR is 4,800 pounds, which gives the SUT a 1,000-pound payload.”

Estimated cost is about $45K; which is actually pretty reasonable for high-tech. I figure that in about five years, we’ll start to see more electric vehicles below the 30K price tag in SUV and compact flavors. I’ll call mine the Begley Jr.

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