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snipshot_9mvexmx4g.jpgIf we wanted to, I have the feeling we could probably fill today’s posts with voting celebrity activists from all corners of the globe. Besides overwhelming you and potentially diluting the message, I promise that this will be the only ‘go-vote’ related post of the day. Who is worthy of such honor? None other than Jennifer Garner.

Since her Alias days, I’ve been a big fan. In fact, I’ll proudly admit that I went and saw 13 Going On 30 in the theatre…on opening weekend. Jen was out on Saturday whipping up support for California Democratic congressional candidate Jerry McNerney. From the AP,

“Garner criticized Pombo’s push for more domestic oil drilling, including in Alaska and offshore, while serving as chairman of the House Resources Committee. Pombo has taken contributions from oil companies but denies the money influences his votes.

Pombo also is a threat to wildlife, Garner said. The congressman, who is from a San Joaquin Valley ranching family, has spent years trying to rewrite the Endangered Species Act to make it more friendly to land owners.

“His stubbornness, arrogance and ignorance are a threat to our survival,” Garner said.”

YES! Kick some ass, Jen! Get out there and vote America! Skip yoga, drop the kids off late to piano lessons, get the oil changed tomorrow, eat lunch quickly, etc, etc. No excuses.

Thanks to Becky for the tip!

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  • beckysoup61

    Woo! Jennifer Garner, glad to see another ALIAS fan out there. I’m really glad that she got out there and did something, I would have been very dissapointed if she didn’t and if I’m not mistaken, her husband Ben Affleck did something awhile back.

  • michael

    Yea, Becky, apparently Ben Affleck would have attended the same event; but was at home with a migraine. I wonder if these two will turn in the next great political celebrity couple…

  • beckysoup61

    I hope so. Personally now that Ben has toned down a bit I’m actually a fan of his. I just can’t stand it when the celebs get huge heads.

    So I’m all for them, they are one couple I hope that stays together.