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snipshot_14f7ojixrg.jpgWho would have ever thought that hard-lined Republicans could learn a thing or two from Arnold Schwarznegger? Newsweek has a great article profiling the cinematic ups and downs of the California Governor and how his tactics led to his reelection in the democratically-controlled state (Kerry beat Bush by over 1 million votes there in 2004!) One of the major cornerstones to his success was the environment. From the article,

“Despite having promoted the Hummer, Schwarzenegger talked nonstop about his dream of a “hydrogen highway” and his solar-roof initiative. In September, Schwarzenegger signed a landmark bill cutting California’s greenhouse-gas emissions. Sitting on Treasure Island, against an eye-watering backdrop of San Francisco, Schwarzenegger signed the legislation, flanked by diplomats and the flags of nations that signed the Kyoto Protocol, the 1996 treaty to combat global warming (and one that President Bush refuses to sign.) British Prime Minister Tony Blair was beamed in by videolink to praise Schwarzenegger’s environmental leadership. Angelides, meanwhile, held a sparsely attended press conference with leaders of major environmental groups. Together with Shriver, the consultants positioned Schwarzenegger as a new brand of eco-Republican, even staying away from typical campaign colors in favor of a soft apple green that went on everything from bumper stickers to his campaign bus.”

The story then hints at some positive play in light of Prop 87 being voted down last night, “Although he opposed the measure because it involved a new tax, Schwarzenegger’s aides say he will look for ways in the coming weeks to promote alternative energy research as a way of placating the 48 per cent of California voters who supported the measure.”

How bout that? While Arnold isn’t everything some people look for in a leader, he certainly is one of the happiest Republicans out there and getting it done for California. I’m not sure many of us would have given him a chance back in 2003…

Hit the Newsweek article for more.

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