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detox.jpgIt never fails to amuse me when news personalities start talking about gluten-free food, leafy green veggies, and soy milk like they’re some shocking new discovery. Granted, your average American would be lost amidst the aisles of organic or natural delicacies at a food co-op or farmers market; but framing the whole process as alien is part of the problem to begin with. But, I digress…

CBS4 personality, Beatriz Canals is going on a 21-Day Detox Diet used by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Blanchett to shed the pounds and achieve a healthy ‘glow’. The diet is the work of Dr Nish Joshi, food consultant to the stars and highly regarded by the late Princess Diana. Here’s a little review from a fan,

“And I started to detox. I have been on for 26 days now and have lost somewhere around 16 pounds. Amazing. Even more amazing is the way my skin looks, the amount of energy I feel and, for the very first time, the fact that I am no longer suffering extreme PMS.”

Well, ok, a little too much info perhaps, but helpful to those that doubt the benefits of a good detox. So, Beatriz is hitting this diet for the next 21 days and is blogging about it at the CBS site. If you’re wanting to decrease your cholesterol, detox your body, or lose some weight, check it out.

A copy of the book can be found here.

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  • Kurt Maine

    I’m on the same diet, it really has worked great. I’ve heard that there are some risks to the actual detoxing.. but I really feel great, I’ve been blogging about it at

  • Detoxing

    Every detox diet plan is different, and there are many various types of detox recipes ranging from vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and nuts. The general aim for a detox diet is to change your eating habits to rid toxins from your body.

  • Mr. Flower Shop

    You have to be careful with detox diets because they can cause serious damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. I assume this book has all the safety measures covered though.