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You’re never going to believe this. Word is, some celebrities showed up at an event in a Prius! That’s right, a Pri…oh, nevermind. The proverbial broken record continues to spin “Don’t Fence Me In!” while Hollywood eschews the traditional limo or hummer in favor of hybrids the Toyota Prius. Ok, who brought the hummer?

Glamour Magazine partnered up with Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive to give the night a lime flavor; while also honoring environmental activist Laurie David. The inspiration for this year’s theme, David selected the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) as her charity of choice for the evening. She was featured in Glamour’s December issue and was presented a Women of the Year award by Robert F. Kennedy at Glamour’s 17th annual awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall.

Other celebrities attending or honored included David Bowie, Sandra Bullock, Billie Jean King, Susan Lucci, Barbara Walters, Angelica Houston, Stephen Colbert, Rosario Dawson, Catherine Zeta Jones, and others.

Seriously, whoever is in charge of marketing over at Toyota deserves a raise. I’ve rarely seen such a successful campaign to get celebrities gaga about driving a car for under $30K. Honda, what is wrong with you?

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  • rebecca

    Nice catch! I know, I was at a Green Building Conference the other day and there was a Hummer in the parking lot.

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