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BMW Hydrogen 7 – The Next Green Celebrity Accessory?

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BMW Hydrogen 7Looks like high-profile celebrities will be the first ones to get their hands on this baby. It’s the BMW Hydrogen 7, and it’s ready for a limited test release next year. The only thing this baby emits into the air is water vapor. And you just might see Al Gore, Madonna, the Governator, or David Suzuki arriving to the red carpet in one of these bad boys soon.

BMW has taken a bit of a different spin on hydrogen in vehicles. According to Wired,

The automaker’s approach is markedly different than the more familiar concept of hydrogen-powered fuel cells, where energy is stored before it is converted into electricity. By contrast, BMW’s Hydrogen 7 is powered by pumping hydrogen into a combustion engine and igniting it. The engine can burn both hydrogen and gasoline, and switches between the two at the flick of a switch.

Burning hydrogen is more efficient than converting it into electricity, making it the more practical choice for hydrogen-fueled cars now, according to BMW.

The biggest issue with the car is that liquid hydrogen fuel is pretty tough to find, and to store for that matter, right now. So filling it up will probably be the toughest issue with this car. And if it easily can use gasoline…I wonder if we’ll really be able to know what these cars are running on.

Ecorazzi’s own Michael d’Estries recently asked when we’d start seeing something cooler and even greener than a Prius on the red carpet. I’m not sure if this is greener, but it’s probably cooler…and I bet we’ll be seeing it soon – at an LA hot spot near you.
Via – Wired & The Cleveland Leader

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