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Entourage star Adrian Grenier has gone beyond the denim insulation he added to his Brooklyn home this past summer. Over at Brownstoner, an astute observer noticed that Grenier has now added a fine array of solar panels to his roof. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise, as Grenier mentioned in a Newsweek article that such additions were planned. Great to see such projects getting attention; especially with NY’s generous solar rebate program. Not that Adrian needs the extra cash, but the leftover savings could potentially go into his planned radiant heat installation.

I’m not taking bets, but apparently Grenier also visited the message boards of Brownstoner and fought back at all the stupid comments regarding his solar addition:

“Hey, AG here, and I do NOT approve any prior messages on this post. Sorry if you don’t like the look of my renovation, but energy independence is too important to me to worry about whether this meets your aesthetic approval. You should all think hard about how you impact the environment yourselves before you judge me.”

Yea! Finally, a celebrity kicking it green in NYC instead of the usual Malibu/LA haunts. I can’t imagine there are too many solar installations in Brooklyn. If someone could correct me, that would be great. Props to Aquaman!

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  • Ecomom

    As a native NY’er it is refreshing to see a young celebrity so committed to one, if not the most important causes of our times. Kudos to Mr. Grenier!

  • janiela

    Actually the first solar powered restaurant in NY city is in the neiborhood of Fort greene which is a half mile or so from Clinton Hill where Mr. Grenier lives. The restaurant’s name is habana outpost and it is powered by solar energy and you can even recharge your cell phone by solar powered battery chargers as you sip on a mojito. The solar panels also have gutters on the edges to collect the rain water to water the plants and refill the water fountain. Check it out.