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Pierce Brosnan has placed a new banner on his site encouraging people to contact their representatives in the Senate and pass legislation aimed at stopping horse slaughter in the U.S.

Pierce links to a site called Rally For Horses where you can find out more regarding the legislation. Here’s a snippet,

“We only have days left for the U.S. Senate to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503/S. 1915)! The House of Representatives voted 263-146 on Sept. 7 to pass H.R. 503. Now it’s time for the Senate to act by passing S. 1915, which is sponsored by Senators John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.).

We must send a very clear message to Congress to pass a permanent ban on horse slaughter. Call your two U.S. Senators directly or call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. All you need to say is:

‘I am a constituent and I am calling to ask that my Senator immediately protect our horses from slaughter and cosponsor S. 1915, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. I am very concerned about American horses and I don’t want them slaughtered.'”

I’m hopeful that this legislation will pass; especially with bi-partisan sponsorship. Here’s some more information on the practice of horse slaughter.
Who eats horses?
The biggest consumers of horsemeat are France, Italy, Belgium, and Japan. Horsemeat, considered a delicacy, is used as an alternative to beef. This hurts the US beef industry. Japan regulates the amount of American beef imported into the country, but these regulations are not imposed on American horse meat. Eating horses has never been an accepted part of American culture.

What’s the big deal anyway?
Both the transport of horses to slaughter and the slaughter itself is inhumane. Equipment used in the transport of horses to slaughter is designed for cows. Horses often end up trampled and injured, even dead, while being transported 24 hours or more with no food, water, or rest. The equipment used to stun the horse before being slaughtered is also made for cows. Horses are often slaughtered while still consciously alive (2,500 or more horses met their fate this way last year alone).

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  • Alex

    Its interesting that Senator Ensign has sponsored this legislation when the professional organization of which he’s a part, the American Veterinary medecine Association (AVMA), supports the practice of horse slaughter.

    In fact, AVMA veterinarians are on site at all slaughter plants to insure that the process is carried out in a humane way. These are the most tightly regulated slaughter facilities. Maybe if the beef facilities were scrutinized to the same level the japanese would buy more of our beef!

    Check out for some illuminating information…

  • Ivanka Steener

    I am glad Pierce Brosnan understands the importance of this issue. He, along with over 70 percent of Americans, are against the slaughter of horses. The Senate is sitting on the bill, we need intense action on the part of every citizen who truly cares about this issue to help pass this bill. Everyone needs to call his or her Senator and push them to pass this bill.

  • Terri

    Don’t bother with This is a web site put out by an attorney for the slaughter industry. No, it’s not funny that Sweeney sponsored this bill as the AMVA is chaired by a group that is directly related to the Cattlemen’s Association who are pro slaughter. Insightful, no… it is pure propaganda. The whole horse slaughter faction statements are propaganda and if anybody had bothered to listen to the testimonies, they would find that the pro slaughter group had NO facts to support their claims. HSUS has facts, many other sources such as has done their homework and has stats to back up their claims. Even the AQHA who has been very vocal in their pro slaughter claims has financial reasons to promote it as the Quarter Horse has the highest number to die in the slaughter house. More babies, more registrations, more memberships equals more money for the board of directors. SW Cattlemen’s Assn. makes $3/horse slaughtered. Certain politicians and lobbiests are being paid by the slaughter industry to promote horse slaughter in this country. Mr. Sweeney and Mr. Ensign had every reason to want to end this atrocity and 70-90% of Americans want it to end. The slaughter facilities in Texas and even Illinois went up against the will of the people and in Illinois Cavel was burnt to the ground but rebuilt. That should tell you how the people feel about it. No, it’s not animal rights activists that are promoting the ban on horse slaughter. It’s responsible horse owners, responsible breeders. It’s vets who’s hypocratic oath says “first do no harm”. Horse slaughter is not as regulated as some claim as the inspectors and vets are paid by the facilities themselves. These people are paid to turn a blind eye and if they go against the industry, they can be replaced just as fast as any other employee. And something that is probably NOT mentioned in the web site that Alec mentioned is the fact that horses are given medications to alleviate worms and other meds for other conditions, some of which are known carcinogens, some have residual effects that can affect the health of humans that consume the meat. 94 or 97 people were recorded to have died from the consumption of horse meat (something that the slaughter community would prefer to keep under cover, like they did horse slaughter for so many years, another of America’s dirty little secrets). Zoos are phasing out horse meat in favor of beef, bison because their large cats have become ill from consumption of the tainted meat, some died as a result. A greyhound race track lost a kennel full of dogs as a result of 4D dog food containing horse meat when a disease thought specific to horses jumped species and killed several dogs, others were euthanized later. Two animal control facilities had to euthanize over 500 dogs as a result of the same disease from horse meat containing dog food. So go on, tout the benefits of eating horse meat… let’s kill off the foreigners this way. And even the churches have denounced eating horse meat…. The push will be on again in 2007 to get this bill passed and hopefully we will have a more horse friendly Congress this time around. The derelicts who put a hold on the bill in the Senate will not have as much power this time around and we will end this atrocity. No, I am not an animal rights activist, no I am not a vegetarian (although with what all I became aware of, I’m thinking seriously about it), yes I am a responsible horse owner and YES I AM AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER!! I hope that this bill passes and that the pro slaughter faction goes back to their business of cattle, sheep, chickens and whatever else they raise for food. Horses are companion animals just as the dog or cat is. They are NOT raised to be eaten by the foreign gourmands. If they want to eat horse meat, let them eat their own horses. We don’t want that industry here and hopefully the bill will shut them down. They can go somewhere else to kill other people’s horses, but not ours. Why should this country be the doormat for foreign industries that go against our own cultural and moral beliefs? Why should this country do their dirty work for them? We are not bottom feeders (most of us anyway). Contact your congressmen/women and let them know that you want the horse protection act to be passed in 2007! Get this dirty business out of this country so that we can get back to the business of fixing the ills of this country. Thanks! :-)

  • Gwen

    Are you aware the website you are asking people to check out belongs to the lawyer for the Slaughter houses in Texas? He is very definately pro-slaughter for a good reason. They are paying him well.

  • Lorri Roush Shaver

    Alex doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This industry runs unregulated and there are NO veteranarians on hand when these noble creatures are brutally slaughtered. It is an incredibly inhumane practice, all for the Europeans diners. The horses experience excruciating pain and fear before their deaths, and many are still alive when strung up by one hind leg to “bleed out.”

    For the true story go to, the American Humane Society, and find out the horrors our American horses are going through for the French, Belgians, and Japanese.

  • Pat

    I am so happy that there are, as of today’s date, about 114 co-sponsors of the legislation to end this barbaric practice! Makes me almost ashamed of being human. The only good thing is that there is a rising tide of determination to end this now! Let’s keep up the calls, faxes and letters to these politicians to let them know we want this stopped now!

  • Pat

    For those folks that think this industry is humane I dare you to take a look at these videos. Alex….how about it..?

  • http://howrse lee

    go to this website look at some peoples pages and see most are fighting agenst slauter.

  • gina

    Here it is November 2008 and we Americans against horse slaughter are still fighting to end this disgrace. A quote by Queen Victoria- No civilization is complete which does not include the dumb and defenseless of God’s creatures within the sphere of charity and mercy. People do not lack strength; they lack will.-Victor Hugo

  • fbr

    Instead of banning horse slaughter, how about setting stricter controls so that no unnecessary stress is caused to the horses? In order for this legislation to make sense it would have to include the slaughter of all animals for food, not just horses.

    Eating horse meat may be a taboo in the US today for religious and cultural reasons, but historically it has been an important food source for the mankind. Not to mention that it is actually very delicious.

  • http://youtube Tyaleah Ritter age,15

    STOP horse slaughter i think that it is rong to kill horses!they were here befor we were we took their land their freedoom we should not take their freedoom away from them. I was sad to see this vido. i just got rid of my horse red he was a good horse. i stil have my other 3 horses and my pony. i hope red is in a good home.
    i love you red!!!