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Jay-ZI’ve questioned certain celebrity pairings with their causes before…Jay-Z being one of them. That’s why I enjoyed this Yahoo! Question that I stumbled across today:


Anyone else totally sick of these celebrity questions? Do you really think Jay-Z gives a flying f%$#…? about water conservation? That man is anything but conservative…stereotypical rapper with way too many gas guzzling vehicles, a massive house to heat and cool and his girlfriend is always wearing fur. Sorry…but I just don’t buy he’s an advocate for the environment.

The first part of the answer wasn’t too bad, either: “Hot diggity, you mean Jay-Z just don’t care? Like you’re shattering my illusions.”

People often ask me if any celebrity attention to an issue is a good one. My answer is typically that if you want someone to talk the talk, they’d better walk the walk. But I find that Jay-Z just flies in the private jet…with a separate one for his luggage. Doesn’t make sense.

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  • Sunshine

    Here’s my question: Why do we razz people when they’re at least doing something? Sure, I absolutely agree with you about the personal jets and such. However, are these celebrities not raising awareness to a specific cause?

    In any event, thanks for keeping me up to date on the celb green goss!

  • lynn

    Ah, but we miss the crucial point: he’s supporting water issues, not climate issues and global warming, so never mind that he uses private jets or uses a different aircraft for luggage–he’s all about the water, baby!

    Hehehe, bad joke. But if he’s got enormous swimming pools at home or is fond of playing golf, then we can all get together and bop him on the head for being such a hypocrite.

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