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Prince CharlesPrince Charles now wants to be known as the “green prince”. Back in August we reported on how he was going to become England’s Trump and have an Apprentice-style show to find an organic gardener.

But now, this guy is getting serious. He’s asked some of his staff to ride their bikes to work, in order to cut down on global warming. The Prince himself is planning on cutting back on Royal helicopter and private jet flights. And he “intends to make more use of the royal train.” Royal train? What? Aides to the Prince have been asked to look into a more eco-friendly fleet of vehicles, as well.

All of these changes come after the government outlined the Climate Change Bill. However, apparently this “royal train” is more expensive to run than a private helicopter ride. Some senior MPs would prefer that the Queen and Charles lease a train from a commercial operator or attach a private carriage to an ordinary train. Now, that makes sense. Many of the proposed changes require many logistical and security issues.

I applaud Charles on these changes…they all sound great. Though the fact that he wants them all implemented by February sounds like a push. The article finishes up with a little kick under the table to the US:

In a rare TV interview, [Charles] told CBS: “If you look at the latest figures on climate change and global warming … they’re terrifying.” In the past President Bush has questioned the existence of global warming and the US has refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions, saying it would harm their economy.

But Tony Blair, along with Mr Cameron, have backed green taxes and insisted Britain must take the lead on saving the planet. 

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