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Peter GabrielI’m not the biggest fan of Peter Gabriel and his music, and really only like “In Your Eyes” thanks to Say Anything. But I’m going to give him some happy pats on the back anyway because of the good deeds he performs. He’s done some work promoting Amnesty International via the Human Rights Now! Tour in 1988, which was a series of benefit concerts held over several weeks in different parts of the world. His work in promoting peace and human rights was also recognized by the Gorbachev foundation just yesterday.He’s also been active in causes and campaigns recently and supports The Food Chain, a group which helps people afflicted with HIV obtain proper nutrition. He currently has a DVD auctioned on eBay and the proceeds will go directly to help The Food Chain. Other celebrities are auctioning off some memorabilia as well, like Gillian Anderson, Dame Judi Dench and Sir David Attenborough.

  • Dana

    Thanks for sharing this great info about Peter! I’m a big fan of his, so I’d like to add a bit more.

    Peter Gabriel is one of the co-founders of WITNESS, a human rights organization that provides support to advocacy groups and assists them in bringing exposure to their campaigns. One of their projects is providing groups with video equipment and access to media outlets so that they can broadcast their issues.

    Peter’s music is extremely varied. One of his projects is WOMAD, an organization that supports and publicizes the work of non-Western musicians. This aspect of his oeuvre is not my favorite, and I can understand how some of his overplayed “hits” can be a bit grating after hearing them a million times; however, he has made some really amazing under-appreciated (at least by the masses) songs that are beautiful, wise, and compassionate. “Don’t Give Up” is a duet with Kate Bush, which is purportedly a song of support to the unemployed masses, and “Mercy Street” is a heartbreakingly gorgeous song about Anne Sexton. There are tons more, but these should be relatively easy to track down (they are both from So, which features “In Your Eyes,” which I can listen to pretty much endlessly, and “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time,” which I really never have to hear again, although I would happily do so in conjunction with watching their seminal videos.