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There’s an environmental TV series right now called “Eco 4 The World”, which is hosted by Summer Rayne Oakes and a guy named Drew whose last name I can’t quite catch from the promo video. It has quite a lot of support from celebrities like Sting, Alicia Keys, and Daryl Hannah, to notable figures like Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mikhael Gorbachev and numerous athletes as well.

Produced by Singapore-based company Big Durian Productions in cooperation with the United Nations Environmental Programme, Eco 4 The World is a magazine-format show that

…contains an entertaining blend of celebrities, environmental personalities and ordinary people making a personal difference. Although underpinned by the message that individuals can make a positive difference through individual action, the format is light, fast-paced and does not preach.

I can’t seem to find clips of the series anywhere on the site, just episode summaries. But you can view their promo video on their website or on YouTube. You can also watch the sixth episode here. 

  • Clive Wright

    Thank you for your comments. Eco 4 the World is a half-hour TV series, developed by Big Durian Productions in partnership with UNEP. It features positive environmental behaviour in an entertaining and engaging way. We aim to inspire viewers to follow in the footsteps of the people they will see.

    Because the show is not yet on air, we are not releasing episodes online. However, if you go to Google Video and search for “Eco 4 the World”, you will be able to see some clips, some featuring celebrities.

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