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wife.jpgIn what’s a horrible post title to begin with, but an even worse television name, ‘Wife Swap’, is looking for families who subscribe to a healthy diet to star in an upcoming episode. If the task of finding American families that eat healthy isn’t daunting enough, the show is getting really specific and asking ‘to feature fabulous families who follow the raw foods diet – or a similar philosophy.’ The individual who sent the email goes on,

“I’d love to talk with families who are passionate about truly living and eating healthy. Has this diet enhanced your quality of life – orinfluenced your lifestyle and parenting style in other positive ways? Could another family learn a thing or two by experiencing your lifestyle? We want to hear from you!”

Before you pick up that phone and tell all your friends, consider this. ‘Wife Swap’ isn’t generally a show that focuses on the positives. They’re most likely going for drama, controversy and the ‘EWWW!’ factor from somebody that thinks healthy eating is the second box from the right on their TV Dinner. However, if you can stand the heat, there is a nice payout:

“All featured families will receive a $20,000 financial honorarium for their time – and $1000 goes to anyone who refers a family that makes it on the show! We are looking for two-parent families with children (between the ages of 5 and 18) who are ready for adventure!” We’ll add humiliation in there as well; but what the hell, America, let’s get some RAW Foods families out there! If you’re interested in signing up, contact: For more information, and for the full email details, please check out ‘The Complete Patient’ website.

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