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The OC Continues Its Green Plotline :: Summer Wants To Gossip and Save The World

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summer_sethThere’s an interesting theme to Season Four of the Fox hit, ‘The OC’ revolving around a character named Summer, her first semester at college, and her involvement in an environmental movement at Berkeley Brown. That’s a small synopsis for those that haven’t been following; for the rest of you, ‘Oh my God! Can you believe Ryan and Taylor hooked up?’

Anyways, Summer (her character over the past three years has been known for being gossipy, involved in celebrity worship, etc. Think Perez Hilton and you’re on the right track..) has changed. She’s fallen into the world of solar panels, global warming, save the earth, and animal protection. Her friend Che (Paul Rudd) is the epitome of ‘Hippy’, her clothing has changed, and her education has forced her to look differently at the way she used to live.

All’s not right, however. Summer still misses the ‘Old Summer’ and in this episode tries to go back to her gossipy ways (hanging a poster of ‘Devil Wears Parada’ on the wall, picking up US Weekly) and going shopping. The move feels different though; she now disdains fur, and feels guilty about all the animal-skin shoes she has in her closet.

I could go on and on about this episode, but in the end, Summer realizes that she has in fact changed and that environmental activism is now something important in her life. She ends up attending a solar power rally (click on the above photo to expand) and realizes that she doesn’t have to dislike people for not sharing her green protesting ways. For the complete run-down check out these well-written summaries here and here.

Dear Summer: For an easy way to bridge the gap between the old you and the new you, we might recommend a cool little site that gossips about the environment and celebs. We think you’ll like it. 🙂

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