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Woody's Thoughts on Fasting, Raw Food, and More

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Woody HarrelsonI listened in to Woody Harrelson and Dr. Gabriel Cousens on Physician of the Soul last week and wanted to share a bit of what was said. It has a lot to do with raw food – and don’t forget about our contest: win some cool raw food goodies just by signing up to our email newsletter or sending us some raw foods comments. Complete contest info.

Woody recently completed a 38 day green juice fast. His goal was to go 40 days, but some friends invited his family over for homemade Indian food on Day 38, and you know what happened next. Said Woody,”It was great, I really got charged from it.” Dr. Cousens replied, “How much did they charge you?” Uh oh, we’re off to a rocky start, but it gets better.

How does Woody explain the way the fast made him feel? “Definitely felt my electro-magnetic field expanding… My whole journey with food started … as an energetic quest. Once I was vegan, I felt like I had a lot more energy. [Then raw foods…] Sometimes I go on a cooked-food bender, and I really feel different.”

Dr.: When you combine with fasting, you literally upgrade your genetics. Up to a 400% increase in the anti oxidant genes, anti cancer genes… WH: It’s amazing how many people that didn’t realize I was fasting said “wow, what are you doing, you really look younger”.

Woody on his awakening to organic / raw / environment: “The neighborhood where I live in Hawaii…there are no power lines. We’re all on solar. There’s a lot of organic farmers. I realized I’d been lied to ‘milk does a body good’. Everything, is about living in a way that is leaving a lighter footprint on the earth.” 

On how his kids are being raised: “My children are vegan, they are not live-foodists.” Woody then went into a story about how his daughter at two and a half years old was asking for sugar/sugary foods. He told her, “Let’s make a deal. Give me until you are 4 years old, and then you can eat whatever you want.” They shook on it. Finally on her 4th birthday, it didn’t take long for her to ask for her junk food. She ate it, but later realized she could have honey instead. She also asked for chicken. Here’s my favorite part. What does a little vegan kid say when they eat chicken for the first time? “Tastes like tofu!”

He goes on, “[We try] not to inflict our ideaology too much on these kids. Let them grow, … apply their natural genius … we try to get out of the way … and give them lots of love.” 

Make sure to visit Woody & Laura’s eco-site: Voice Yourself. 

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