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LohanLindsay Lohan was only a few outfits away from being labeled by PETA as ‘the charity’s worst dressed fur wearing celeb;’ this according to an Eonline interview with spokesman Dan Matthews. Is there a ‘Best Dressed’ category? We all love to rag on Lindsay, but wouldn’t Beyonce make a more obvious target?

Lohan, however, had a change of heart after ‘seeing Topshop’s Against Fur window display in the Oxford Street flagship store.’ After that, she appeared at the premiere of the new Bond movie ‘wearing a fake fur white coat and a No Fur badge on her handbag.’ PETA’s Matthews quipped, “We have omitted her from the [black] list because ‘she is now trying to weed out the real fur from her wardrobe.”

I applaud Lindsay’s decision, but I still believe that wearing fake fur to an event contradicts the very act you’re attempting to protest. Sharon Stone is continuously guilty of this. With fur making a comeback, if you’re wearing a representation of it, I feel like you’re still telling the public that it’s a cool thing. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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  • rebecca

    I agree. Tough to make a statement when no one can tell that you’re making one. She probably put the ‘No Fur’ button on her bag so that she didn’t get 5 gallons of red paint thrown at her. There are lots of great coats that could be appropriate for evening wear that don’t resemble fur.

    Warning to celebrities: If it looks like fur,I’m going to assume it’s fur and rag on you as much as I please.

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  • lee

    i dunno— maybe if she pimped out the fake fur with non-animal colours it would be better? sure the no-fur sticker is a good start but if she isn’t posing with the bandbag in front the message is lost and the lohanians will think that its cool to wear fur.

  • cw

    i don’t particularly care for her, but let’s take the devil’s advocate approach for a sec & think–
    maybe she could also be saying- “look at the beautiful coat i have that DIDN’T have to come from dead baby animal carcasses.” there ARE options. if you wear a fakie- that could be the intention. i wouldn’t wear it, but hey- she is making a tiny step.

  • michael

    I agree. I’m happy she’s made the decision to move away from fur, but I think that if you’re really trying to make a point, you don’t fake it for the sake of fashion.

  • Bryan Au

    Hmmm I see both sides of the issue, but Pamela Anderson promotes PLEATHER which is fake leather, it looks and feels like it but is fake, I wear 100% Vegan clothing and for me it is fun to find and wear things that look like leather but are not, they often breathe and last much longer and are more comfie too! In the Vegetarian World, people also try to “fake” meat with different substitutes and that can be weird but it depends on your taste, in the photo you can’t see the anti fur button so that can be confusing. But when people wear pleather you can’t tell either, so what is she to do? Do as Pamela Anderson and many other Celebs and join PETA and really let the public know what’s up! I say go girl and kudos for trying to educate.:)

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  • None

    I can see the argument that wearing fake fur seems contradictory, but I say, if it’s fake and you like it, wear it. This could be confusing with celebrities though since you might just assume it’s real. I personally don’t have any fake fur, because I think it’s a little tacky (not all, just some), but I do have a zebra print jacket. I don’t think that people will assume that I’m wearing real zebra, though.

  • Eric

    Its awesome that Lohan has decided to drop the tortured animal skins! Although I applaud her decision, I still dont see the need in wearing fake fur either, wearing fur fake is still ‘promoting’ the look of fur, which is unexceptable.

  • Eric

    Fur is Murder!