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It might be too late, but some stars are going turkey-less this Thanksgiving and would like you to consider trying the same thing. Everyone from Corey Feldman (hell, yea!) to Noah Wyle to Casey Affleck are helping promote the site, Adopt-A-Turkey. We’ve also got Alicia Silverstone, Kim Basinger, Kevin Nealon, and a few other notables showing off their turkey-love and explaining why they’re eating something else today. From the site,

“Through the Adopt-A-Turkey Project, Farm Sanctuary has placed turkeys in loving vegetarian homes in over a dozen states from New York to California. People with open hearts and appropriate facilities are eligible to adopt two or more turkeys. (The birds need companionship, so they are not adopted individually.) Turkeys make great companions and can be a wonderful addition to your family.

It is not always possible for people to welcome a turkey into their home, but everybody can sponsor a turkey who lives at Farm Sanctuary. Here, the birds are allowed to live out their lives, and they are given the space and freedom to engage in natural behaviors and enjoy themselves.”

corey.jpgCorey Feldman had this to say, “There are many ways of giving thanks. Eating turkeys doesn’t have to be one of them. Healthy and delicious vegetarian options now make compassionate holidays easier than ever. This Thanksgiving, join with my family in starting a new tradition that celebrates life and promotes peace for all beings.” He was then whisked away to a cave and hidden for another 10 years.

But seriously, this is a great cause and turkeys are especially in need of support due to the fact that they are specifically excluded from state and federal animal protection laws. As a result, they are subjected to intolerable cruelty at factory farms and slaughterhouses across the United States. As an alternative, you can always also look for organic, free range Turkey farms that provide excellent quality of life for the birds. I’m screwed feeling guilty this Thanksgiving since the deed has already been done, but perhaps next year, I’ll try something different. Who knows? Maybe we’ll invite a turkey or two to dinner instead. We’ll have chicken. Happy Thanksgiving!

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