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snipshot_6ied5ecletu.jpgThis doesn’t really have much to do with being green or socially responsible, but let’s just say that Noel Gallagher’s comments the other day were far from benign levity. With Elton John, Noel has definitely struck a ‘cord’. Somewhere, while pissing and moaning about something, he’s definitely smiling over Elton’s retort,

“After what fking Noel Gallagher said about me I couldn’t give a shit about Oasis. I go into shops all the time myself, he just such a t**ser and he looks like Parker from Thunderbirds.”

Hahaha…I don’t even know who ‘Parker from Thunderbirds’ is; but damn, Elton is pissed. Does this mean we’ll see him more at the local grocery store shopping with you and me. No, but do you really care anyways?

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  • Pete

    Thunderbirds was a puppet-animated series from the ’60’s. Very cool sci-fi, save-the-world scenarios. Parker is one of the characters. They all looked rather somber and waxen, so that’s what Elton is referring to. Go check out the Thunderbirds–they’re fun! And you can get them from Netflix.

  • Pete

    Then again, Parker may not have been on the Thunderbirds show, so he might be referencing another band?? At any rate, the Thunderbirds show is still cool and worth a look.

  • h0n0r

    Parker was in the Thunderbirds – he was the dour chauffeur to Lady Penelope. Parker was pretty cool – an ex-con who could break safes. However, the facial comparison is right on:

  • rebecca

    Thanks for the tips, guys…I can see the resemblance!