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Slammed! Richie, Ricci, Olsen, and Langoria Named Worst-Dressed By PETA

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Have those cans of red paint on standby. PETA today released their candidates for the “Worst-Dressed” fur-wearing celebrities in Hollywood. Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen and Hollywood stars Christina Ricci and Eva Longoria were named and shamed as the top four in this year’s poll. PETA gives a scathing review of each candidates performance. Here are some of our favorites:

Nicole Richie: “This pelt-wearing party girl is all animal skin and bones. She’s an incredible shrinking woman with the heart to match.’

Ashley Olsen: “Wearing fur does add 20 pounds, but if Ashley wants to fill out her frame, we suggest using a fork instead.”

Christina Ricci: “Disregarding the holiday season’s “Peace on Earth” message, Ricci recently posed for a magazine cover wearing fur from slaughtered reindeer. At least she’s not into fur hats: Imagine how many more pelts it would take to cover that forehead.” {editor’s note, “DAMN!”}

Eva Longoria: “You’d think she’d be more sympathetic to the plight of rabbits considering the way she screws around like one on Wisteria Lane.”

Awesome. I don’t feel bad for one single person on the list. It’s a good thing Lohan came to her senses just recently. She was quickly approaching spotlight status on PETA’s radar. Last year’s shame, Paris Hilton, apparently has changed her fur-wearing ways telling reporters “that she’s had enough and is ditching her mink coats, fox collars, and chinchilla trim.” Good for you Paris; stick to hanging out with Lohan and Britney and leave those animals alone. Hit PETA’s site to vote for you Worst-Dressed and read more on the candidates.

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