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Gore Promotes Global Warming Gone Wild

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snipshot_7l1eu0krs28c.jpgAl Gore was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. There are no video clips of it online yet, so I’ll summarize it as if it were a live-blog.

Al Gore was on the show promoting An Inconvenient Truth, which is now available on DVD. It is the 3rd highest grossing documentary of all time. As he is now a movie star, Gore was offered a part in the Futurama movie. He’ll be playing the part of a disembodied head, next to Nixon’s disembodied head.

Okay now, prepare yourself to see a side of Al Gore you may not have been familiar with. I think we’ve all learned lately how funny he is, but this is a whole different Al. Regarding the DVD and new features available on it, Gore says that they are considering releasing an uncensored version called “Global Warming Gone Wild, featuring Hot Glacier on Glacier Action.” Seriously. That is what he said. Leno’s reply, “Wow, you really have gone Hollywood!”

Regarding the Oscar buzz for the movie, Gore says they really “should have a category for best slide show presentation.” When he was first approached about the film by Laurie David, he was very skeptical – wasn’t sure it would be a success.

Leno, “Do you encourage people to pirate this movie?” No! “Paramount is saying watch the movie, then give it away to somebody else. That in itself is new,” said Gore.

Returning from the break, Leno asks Gore if he performed all of his own stunts in the film. “I like to do all that stuff myself. Some people need to have other do the clicks for them,” said Gore. Leno, “But that’s your thumb.” Gore, “It’s worth it for the authenticity.”

Next they briefly cover the recent news story of the schools turning down 50,000 free copies of the film. Read the Washington Post article for the full details.

Leno, “Which is sleazier, show biz or politics?” Gore, “I’ve found very good people in both professions.” (Now there is a political answer!) Leno, “I always think of politics as show biz for ugly people.” Crowd, “Ooooo.” Gore, “As Groucho Marx once said, ‘I resemble that remark.'”

And it all finishes up with some terrible Arnold impressions.

Thanks for the tip, Edmundo!

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