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Live-Blogging: Oprah & Al Gore, LIVE

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Oprah & Al Gore back in 2004Okay, get ready, Oprah is about to start! And unlike most other days, Oprah is coming at you LIVE today on global warming and Al Gore. It’s going to be madness, I tell you!

On the website, Oprah has a Green Holiday section already set up, encouraging viewers to stop sending out cards & wrapping gifts (or at least to get more eco-creative), tips on what kind of tree is the greenest, and how to throw an eco-holiday party.

She’s also got a Green Grocery guide to help you out at the store.

The rest is after the jump!

O: My guest today has a really urgent warning. He says we have about a 10 year window to do something before it is too late. Please welcome AL GORE! …I believe that everybody should see [An Inconvenient Truth].

Now they are going through what global warming is, for those who don’t know. Discussing the atmosphere.

AG: CO2 is damaging the earth. All of the ice areas are melting. Showing pics of glaciers that are disappearing. It’s not seasonal. The edges of the glaciers keep going back.

Basically they are doing a mini-version of Al Gore’s slideshow, slides and all.

O: How do we get the rest of the country to understand what you already know?

AG: Get the DVD!…We have to face down the fear and see this as an opportunity that it really is. (We’ve got you covered, Al…the DVD is in our Gift Guide!)

O: Next, the American town that is falling into the sea.

Oprah says Carbon Dioxide like Dee-oxide. Interesting. I say it Die-oxide.

AG: The North Pole is melting

O: Is this where the polar bears are drowning?

AG: Yes, and it’s very sad because they live on the ice, but the ice is melting. But it’s also really dangerous for us.

O: Take a look at this town in Alaska. A government study predicts most of the town will be lost in a few years.

Now we’re in Alaska. Icy barriers that one protected the village now are forming later in the year, causing damage and destruction of homes. 18 houses were relocated to higher ground. Cost to move the entire village: $100 million.

Images we saw are from the documentary Everything’s Cool, premiering at Sundance.

Same thing is happening in Antartica and Greenland. Now they are showing the predicted water levels rising in Florida, San Fran, NYC, Netherlands, and China.

Hugg is also covering the show…The show is called Global Warming 101, and that’s exactly what it is. And Linton is right…Oprah is shocked. The tone of her voice is utterly surprised.

It’s tough to live-blog a show when you don’t hear anything new. I know, that’s the point. This show is trying to reach people that might not have green on their radar. The mini-slideshow continues. Al’s even got his clicker.

O: Do you feel like you are warning us like the warnings before Hurricane Katrina?

AG: We can not allow a future where our children will look back at this point and time and wonder why we didn’t do anything.

Global warming also causes droughts. When it dries out the soils and vegetation, it causes fires.

O: Recently Leonardo DiCaprio stopped by…and left this message regarding An Inconvenient Truth.

LD: “I have to commend you Oprah for putting Al Gore on your show.” (the rest is paraphrased) He is a great leader he introduced me to global warming years ago. I think it blew the lid off the issue …if we don’t make a difference if we don’t change our ways….it is one of the most important issues facing our world today.

Uh-oh…they have a contrarian on board. This is a guy that completely disagrees with global warming. Sorry, don’t have his name/creds. “Al Gore wants to scare us green. He wants us to be very frightened of global warming.” Oprah said something about South Dakota 120 degrees this summer, but let’s Al Gore rebutt.

AG: There are organizations that receive a lot of funding from polluters. Starts into the expert slide.

O: This last guy was an expert, too.

AG: If you think about peer-reviewed experts, of 928 peer-reviewed experts, none disagreed.

O: Next: 5 things you can do for global warming.

Recently Al took us green shopping near his hometown.

AG: We’re here at Lowe’s, I’m going to show you 5 things you can do.

1) CFL lightbulbs. If everyone switched, be like taking 1 million (?) cars off the road for a year

2) Programmable thermostats. A diff of 2 degrees can make a big difference.

3) Changing the air filters regularly in Heat and A/C systems

4) Insulate water heater

5) Energy star appliances. Save money and the environment at the same time.

O: So do you all live green?

AG: We’re carbon neutral. We reduce so much, then for the amount we do use, we offset with green energy and planting trees.

O: So everyone is supposed to reduce their carbon dee-oxide? (Now she’s never going to invite me on her show. Sorry Oprah! I love you!)

AG: Yes…

O: Average person 94 lbs of CO2/day (?) Visit AmericanForests.org.

Hey! It’s Simran!!! Now they are covering the green holiday tips linked above.

Go to AlGore.com to find out more about hosting An Inconvenient Truth part on Dec 16. How is it I’ve never been to that site before?

Audience: I get it now. I get that I can help. That it’s not some scientific thing so far away. The image of Florida and New York, the island in Alaska, just disappearing. It’s terrifying.

AG: It is real, there is consensus. 20 of the 21 hottest years ever measured are in the past years.

O: Why have the skeptics been so skeptical.

AG: Polluters have been sponsoring pseudo-studies. It’s similar to what the tobacco companies did years ago to confuse people.

AG: What do we look like from 5 billion miles away. Everything that’s ever happened in all history has happened on that pixel. We have everything we need already to start saving it except for the will of America, and that is a renewable resource.

O: Thanks for being our Noah.

What’s Noah Wyle got to do with any of this? Just kidding. Good job Oprah & Al! (And Simran & Leo!)

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