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Cameron on The Holiday, Gifts & The Environment

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The HolidayI wish that entertainment journalists would stop asking this question: Is it weird to be intimate with someone on screen when you are actually involved with someone else?

It is the question that is asked every time, and the one that just ruins it for me. Here you are watching this totally hot sex scene in a movie, and then you hear the interview. There were lots of pillows between us. I had on nude colored underwear. There were 50 people in the room. It’s just my job to make you believe that it’s real.

I don’t blame the actors, I blame the question askers. No more! Let me live in my make believe world.

Welcome to my off-topic rant that will soon become relevant. I was brought to think of this topic as I was reading a recent interview with Cameron Diaz on her new film with Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black: The Holiday (in theaters Friday).
We actually talked about this movie back in August, as it was being filmed in a “green city” in the UK. And today as I read this interview with Cameron Diaz, I was excited to see the green theme continue. Damn interview where they ask her, “What was it like doing the love scenes with Jude Law while you’re in a personal relationship?”

We’ll let you read the good, green parts yourself about what Cameron wants or doesn’t want for Christmas, what she’s giving, and the role entertainment plays in getting out the word on the environment. (Full interview.)

Q: This holiday what gift are you hoping to get?

CD: I don’t want any gifts. I really don’t. Maybe a coffee maker. I took up coffee again after 15 years and I kind of like it. I like a cup a day.

Q: What would you give people?

CD: A backhand. Just kidding. From me to you, here. (Pretends to backhand someone) This year a lot of my friends have been sponsoring a family so we’ve all kind of said hey I’m sponsoring a family if you want to give me something for Christmas, give me some money for this. So everybody has just sort of been passing cash off to each other. We’re going to give it to the family. You just get to the point and I think most of us are way past the point of needing anything else materialistically. Anything I get, I hope is useful that I can have for a long time. I told my family, ‘Don’t get me anything.’

Q: What role do you think the entertainment plays in getting important messages out like what happening with our environment? Do you think this is a way to get through to people?

CD: I think as we’ve seen sort of the trend of celebrities being the main thing that draws attention to anything these days, I think that definitely celebrities are something that can bring people’s attention to it and it has. I also think when you watch movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” which is really geared towards an educational aspect through sort of documentary style. It’s not “Happy Feet.” It’s not the underlying message going to entertain and learn as well as in “March of the Penguins” where you get so much information. I actually just saw “March of the Penguins” for the first time and I don’t know why it took me so long to see it. But I was amazed that it was really a story about the filmmakers as much as it was about the penguins. Then it was about the environment at the same time it was about two stories as well. People go to the movies. Look at how much time we devote to two films. It’s got to make some sort of difference, I’m sure.

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