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I’m not really sure how much work he’s done for the environment in the past, since I–along with the rest of the world–was more riveted by Princess Diana and her causes. But it looks like Prince Charles is really going all out with his work for the environment nowadays. Not only does he own a Prius and encourage his staff to ride bikes instead of taking cabs or driving, he also had water and energy-saving measures implemented at Highgrove a few months ago. And just yesterday, he launched a project called Accounting For Sustainability,” which aims to help businesses and organizations figure out how their actions affect the environment. And who else should be bring onboard for this campaign but Al Gore? Sounds like a good solid partnership to me.

…the Prince of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Al Gore will this week launch a new project to encourage big business to become more “green”.Prince Charles is said by aides to be “totally committed” to the scheme in which companies will be urged to assess – and reverse – the damage they are doing to the environment.

The Sunday Telegraph can also reveal that Prince Charles recently held a private meeting at Highgrove, his country home, with Mr Gore, the former presidential candidate, to discuss their shared passion for saving the environment.

Now Mr Gore has agreed to provide a video message, which will be screened to nearly 200 politicians, businessmen and other guests at St James’s Palace on Wednesday night. The former vice-president was in Britain in September to promote his film, An Inconvenient Truth, which warns that the world has just 10 years to save itself.

A short film entitled Costing The Earth, which featured comedian Al Murray and actor Stephen Fry (V For Vendetta), was also screened during the launch.

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  • M. Bowerman

    Although Diana is much more well known for her charity work, Charles is not without his own environmental causes. The May 2006 National Geographic issue has a good article about Charles’ actions as the landlord of the Duchy of Cornwall, over 135 000 acres of farmland in the UK. His actions have turned these farms into an “eco-friendly, preservation-minded operation (that) can turn a profit – and protect Britain’s rural heritage”.

    Although he may not be the most loved Royal, he does do some good in the world.