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gore_lindsay.jpgSeriously Lindsay: Go on vacation. Stop appearing wasted with Britney and Paris, stop throwing tantrums or telling magazines you’re promiscuous, and put down that Blackberry so your ridiculous emails are not leaked to the press. Your publicist is developing an ulcer. Hide.

The latest debacle brining tears of laughter to goss sites everywhere is a leaked message in which Lohan declares that Al Gore will save her bruised public image. From the mill,

“The New York Post reported Lohan’s proclamation, “Al Gore will help me. He came up to me last night and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me.”

According to Page Six, Lohan sent an e-mail to her friends and lawyers after a GQ magazine party, claiming Gore would come to her aid. TMZ contacted Gore’s P.R. rep today who said, “I can confirm for you that Mr. Gore has only met Ms. Lohan once, very briefly, at the GQ Men of the Year dinner last week. There were hundreds of other guests.” Not exactly what La Lohan told her buds.” According to, Slate has the full email (with misspellings and interesting sentence structures) available online.

Of course, this could all be another internet farce with Lohan being the innocent party. But somehow, I think otherwise. Will Gore accept? Will Lindsay become an environmental green fighting machine appearing with Al in a new movie? Will she champion for plug-in hybrids and help fund research on electric plants powered by algae? Errr…no, but it’s a pretty funny email.

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