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snipshot_841lxst39kl4.jpgRemember a few months back when hilarity ensued after Paris Hilton made a quip about Haiti and the location of Paris, and….oh never mind, here’s the actual quote:

“”When she was told about the trip, Paris – who had had no idea where Haiti is – was told they speak French there. “When she heard that she replied, ‘I wouldn’t mind spending a few days there and the weekend in Paris’.”

That ‘trip’ referenced a story that sustainable-handbag maker, Ecoist, was about to sign Hilton to promote their goods and send her down to Haiti to help plant more than 40,000 trees. A great cause spoiled by a rather dumb remark. Well, we’ve got the word that such a deal never existed between Ecoist and Hilton. In an interview over at Groovy Green, their VP dished the dirt on what really happened,

“We sent out a press release almost a year ago where we announced that we had been selected to provide special VIP gift basket to Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton at the American Music Awards.

We were notified by the agency (that was putting together the VIP gifts) that they were accepted by the celebs and their agents and they were thrilled. That was it. As you know, gossip column writers have their way of interpreting stories and making them sound “more interesting” for their readers. Yes, it resulted in publicity for Ecoist, but not very good publicity. We received quite a few e-mails from angry customers. At this point, I don’t think we would agree to have Paris Hilton as a spokesperson even if she offered to do it for free. As any other company, we are very careful in maintaining our integrity and positive image with our customers.”

There ya have it. Even free celebrity publicity can have a price depending on who is championing your cause. My advice to Ecoist — try and grab Cameron. At least the rest of the world can actually picture her getting down and dirty and planting a few trees!

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    Do you even have any picture of celebrities wearing these bags or you guys are just lying