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snipshot_84s5x72u8gb.jpgIf those Lindsay Lohan shoes you nabbed off Ebay have lost their ‘straight from her feet’ scent, you might want to try the following clothing auctions available right now. Just don’t think of us when you’re doing whatever you plan on doing upon winning…

The following auctions benefit the Max Family Foundation.

>> Grab Leo’s pants! That’s right, ‘Leonardo DeCaprio’s henley shirt smeared with fake blood, and “Dead Rabbits” gang trousers worn in the flim Gangs of New York’ are for sale on eBay! According to CityRag, he may have even gone commando in them! Ugh. Want his wig too? You got it!

>> Or how about the ribbed white shirt worn by Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules? Woo Hoo! Your’s for the current bid of $1.29. Auction ends tomorrow! Impress your friends! Intimidate your enemies!

>> Nothing says, “I Love You” more during the holidays than the pants worn by Sylvester Stallone in the movie, Spy Kids 3. Your significant other can attend the premiere of ‘Rocky Balboa’ while feeling that Stallone is actually sitting with them. Ripe. Hit ‘em up for the current bid of $2.50!

>> Lastly, this one is over, but the tuxedo worn by new James Bond star Daniel Craig has sold for $23,535 at an auction to raise money for UK children’s charity Childline. The tux came in second place in money raised after being trumped by a walk-on role in ABC’s Desperate Housewives for $33K. No word if the irony of that purchase has dawned on the buyer quite yet….

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