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maybach.jpgI’ll try and write as positive a spin as possible for a vehicle that gets 12mpg and costs more than what most people worldwide make in a lifetime. Alas, we’re talking Hollywood here, and we need to expect such lavish purchases. The silver lining? This one has some green technology that might soon experience some trickle-down effect to more affordable options. That aside, let me step down from this podium and say the 2007 Maybach is a pretty sweet vehicle.

‘King of Cool’, Samuel Jackson, agrees. He recently purchased a brand spankin’ new Maybach with the works; including a roof top semi-transparent solar panel. While the integration of solar panels is welcomed, the application is not surprisingly useless. The panels help maintain the car’s designated interior temperature when the vehicle has been turned off. Whoopee. A another luxury most people could care less about.

There is some good news from this, however, as mentioned above. There has been some movement from third-parties to take advantage of the real estate above our heads as we drive around town. Flexible solar panels that easily stick into place to help power a myriad of options are beginning to gain traction. Ideally, as plugin hybrids hit the market, having something upstairs to charge an electric battery would be really useful. Perhaps the Maybach will actually speed up this development. Till then, stay cool Jackson.

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