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leo.jpgYahoo! Answers is a cool one year old concept where anyone can ask a question and people chime in with responses. If it sounds like a familiar concept on the web, it is! But Yahoo! has managed to create an online community and site that makes it a much more efficient process. Plus, they also include famous authors, artists, architects, actors and actresses, etc. from time to time to ask or answer contributor questions.

So, Leonardo DiCaprio decided to get involved. Global Green USA (of which DiCaprio is a board member) hooked Leo up with an account. He asked the following question:

“What are some simple steps or creative ideas that people can take at home and work to combat global warming?”

He elaborates a little more after the the jump, but the answers coming in have been pretty interesting. Massive debate has followed in Leo’s wake (and to be honest, it looks like he posted the question and then walked away. I don’t believe he’s responded personally to any of the suggestions…) and so far there are about 1,300 responses. We’ve got everything from ‘Global Warming is a hoax. You should know better!” to “Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs!”.

His question, however, does bring out the people who cannot absolutely get behind anything a celebrity says because they are a celebrity. The bad taste leftover from the tabloids, celebrity faux pas, whatever, has created an up-hill battle for those interested in working legitimately for a cause. A classic example of this type of response can be seen after hitting more below.

“This issue [Global Warming] is nothing more than the idiotic press and celebrity cult attempting to write market economic policy and government oversight. It will have no effect. The planet will continue to do what it does, and regardless of Hollowwood’s input and fantasy (like the movie the “Core”) we cannot achieve those spectacular “fixes” for the planet. They are pure fiction. As is this whole debate. The real agenda is controlling your lives. Most environmentalists are communists. And communists have killed more people than any group in history through their stupidity, negligence and forced labor and genocides.”

Yikes. Did you all remember your little red books today? :)

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