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snipshot_89136dps5xqh.jpgBob Barker, host of CBS’s “The Price Is Right”, is a living legend. Seriously, can you think of another person in Hollywood that has remained as absolutely constant as Barker. If someone from the year 1971 suddenly found themselves in a Delorian Time Machine, hit 88 miles an hour, and wound up in 2006, they would feel secure knowing that while everything around them has changed, Bob Barker is still the host of “The Price Is Right.” Alas, I digress…

Barker, always known for his love of animals (“Remember to neuter or spay your pets!”) has come to the rescue of a 45-year old African elephant named Ruby. Ruby, who has lived at the Los Angeles Zoo has been the subject of debate since conditions within her area have come into question. From the article,

“”Bob has been very concerned about the condition of elephants living in zoos, and particularly at the L.A. Zoo,” Bollinger said. “He wants to do whatever he can to change that situation and get elephants placed in sanctuaries.”

Zoo officials have maintained that they never mistreated the elephants. Zoo spokesman Jason Jacobs said officials weren’t aware of any offer from Barker and that Ruby’s “ultimate destination is not a financial decision.”

Barker, 83, a noted animal rights activist, pleaded with the City Council in February to close the zoo’s elephant exhibit, claiming the animals were miserable and that some of them were ill.”

Barker decided to match donations and give $300,000 to sending Ruby to an animal sanctuary. The response was well-received, “”We are very grateful that Mr. Barker, a great champion for animals, has stepped forward to help Ruby,” Elliot Katz, president of the group In Defense of Animals, said in a statement. “It’s crucial that Ruby be sent to a sanctuary now.”

Come On Down, Ruby! Nice work, Bob.

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