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snipshot_891ipi0uqomh.jpgIt’s getting increasingly difficult to tell the difference between faux fur accessories and the real thing; as Christina Aguilera recently found out. The pop star, currently on a world tour, says designer Roberto Cavalli expressly went against her desire to have no outfits with real animal fur. From the article,

“But Cavalli admitted to magazine Women’s Wear Daily he sent her a stole made from real white fox fur, which she subsequently slipped on to perform gigs in Europe.

Aguilera was tipped off by PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) vice president Dan Mathews, who sent her an email with a link to a video showing foxes getting killed by anal electrocution for their fur.”

Now that’s an email nobody wants to receive. You could imagine her shock. “The singer quickly replied, saying she was “very upset” insisting she “only ever wears fake fur”. She has now replaced the stole for a fake fur version, in time for gigs in Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic this month.”

So, I question how PETA determines what is and what is not real? Are there certain aspects of real fur that give away its origins? How can you tell if something is fake? I give them credit for maintaining a vigilant watch on what the people in the spotlight are up to. We’re like kindred spirits…

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  • mario

    my felicitation to christina aguilera for having the courage to refuse fur from brutally slaughtered animals. this shows that she isn’t just beautiful from outside but she has also a beautiful mind! thank you, christina, you are really great!

  • kristen

    at least she understands that she wore fur and noiticed it was wrong.

  • michael

    I agree. Her turn-around and obvious displeasure with her designer signals strong feelings about the practice. Great to see!

  • Cat

    As a huge fan of christina, i was shocked when, at the concert, she whipped a fur shawl off!
    I was kinda relieved when i found she was unaware of it being real! She’s always no.1! x x x

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